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How Much? Claim Agency through Financial Savvy

As independent contractors we enjoy none of those safety-nets afforded the regular nine-to-fivers: pension fund; paid leave, including sick-leave; unemployment insurance; medical aid and access to workman’s compensation and, for those fortunate enough in these tough economic times, an annual bonus. No, we’re independent contractors, we’re free agents. Continue reading

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This is a long post. Read it.

By Chantal Herman. (What follows may affect sensitive actors – because it’s true) But I’m sad because this year in particular, I’ve realised, there are 2 kinds of actors. There’s the one who reads his contract, phones her agent regularly, … Continue reading

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What kind of actor are you?

WHAT KIND OF ACTOR ARE YOU? by Darren Kelfkens “Acting is the most minor of gifts and not a very high-class way to earn a living. After all, Shirley Temple could do it at the age of four.” (Katherine Hepburn … Continue reading

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So, what’s your real job?

By Adrian Galley “…Yeah, I’ve only seen that kid in class, but he never does anything. He’s more like a prop”.  (Eric Cartman – ‘Southpark’) As the long-running soap-opera ‘Generations’ goes off air, the 16 actors at the centre of … Continue reading

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Who pulls the strings as the puppets dance?

By Adrian Galley The recent Generations debacle elicited much heated discussion on the social media with lengthy threads of self-replicating spirogyra clogging the pond for days. Strong opinions sprouted from all corners but very few hard facts emerged amid the … Continue reading

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The fruits of our labour stay ripe for generations to come; why go hungry?

By Adrian Galley The South African Guild of Actors is in the process of negotiating with various stakeholders on contractual matters, particularly those governing the further commercial exploitation of the work of performers in the broadcast media. And do you … Continue reading

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A taxing ordeal: sleeping with SARS.

By Adrian Galley “Has anyone had a call from the Taxman to say you owe him money?” An awkward murmur rumbles through the gathering, but no-one’s putting up their hand. “Not?” Still, there are no volunteers. “Then chances are pretty … Continue reading

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